We are building the next cohort for Enjoying Jesus right now.

God is inspiring people with a desire to Enjoy Jesus More to join this cohort. We are excited about what God is doing people’s lives, and we want will build a great mix of people for a great experience for everyone. Therefore…

Each cohort is limited to 12 people. 

I hope you are one of them. Whether you "in" or just "interested," go ahead and let us know either way. We want know who is in or interested, so we can build the next session while pointing some to wait and join in following session. You can indicate on the form whether you are "in" or "interested." Of course, being interested is not a commitment to do the course. Don't let fear keep you from exploring the next step. 

 Click this button to help us get to know you. 

The "getting to know you" form takes about 10 minutes. 

Let's Enjoy Jesus together.