How to live freely and lightly. 


Many of us understand Jesus intellectually, yet we remain earthbound. We aren't enjoying him in a way that causes our spirits to lift and soar. Jesus invites us to experience Him and enjoy Him and not just know him. Enjoying Jesus is how we will live freely and lightly. This is the real life that Jesus offers, yet so many Christians are not experiencing this full life. We know the gospel is true, but we feel like something might be missing in our daily lives. Deep down, we know that Jesus offers more. Let’s learn to Enjoy Jesus and live full lives. Let's do it together. 


Together, we will... 

  • work the good news of Jesus into our daily life (not just a past decision)

  • move from knowing our personal story with God to actually interpreting our story with God

  • craft our story of how Jesus transformed our lives so that we can celebrate it and share it quickly and confidently with others

  • become better story tellers like the master story teller, Jesus

  • learn to make an assertion, receive feedback, give feedback, and reflect on it — this is skill development that will be useful in every area of life and for the rest of our lives

  • practice engaging with God in a meaningful personal worship time to go far beyond just reading the Bible

  • learn to share Jesus naturally and confidently

  • join Jesus in healing the brokenness in the world

  • help other people enjoy Jesus more 

You did a wonderful job and helped me love Jesus much more.

I now have more boldness in evangelism, more awareness of how to communicate, and a deep conviction to give my life to the glory of God among all nations.
— Samuel

Enjoying Jesus goes far beyond fill in the blank discipleship. 

Instead of filling in a blank or answering a question with the right answer, we will engage with Biblical truth and then create something. We will follow a project prompt and write simple blog entries.

There are no right answers in Enjoying Jesus projects. (And the only wrong ones are when you play it safe, hold back, or don’t show up fully.) Jesus was a ruckus maker, and we want to encourage each other to be ruckus makers. Jesus clearly didn’t just give the “right answers” to the religious leaders of His day. He invited all people into a different way of life. The way of the Kingdom.

Writing these projects is a lot more like reflecting on your life, or telling a story, or making art. It is not like an exam. There are no right answers. If you “need” to be graded, then you have an A. Right now, already, you have an A. The pressure is off. Now what kind of work will you do since you already have the A?

After posting your blog entry for a project, others in the group will give feedback on your project. You will give feedback on other people’s entries. Then you will reflect on your feedback and see how you have changed. In this way, we will enjoy Jesus together and be a part of each other’s growth and equipping. 

Who Enjoying Jesus is for

This course is only for people who want to Enjoy Jesus more. People who are eager to learn, grow, write their story, and help other people enjoy Jesus. The interactive nature of this course only works if people are committed. Your group will want you “all in” for short time of the course. 

There is a reward from Jesus for this sort of "all in" commitment. We will be transformed to Enjoy Jesus more. And arguably more important than that, we will be helping others Enjoy Jesus more. These are experiences and skills that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. 

I love this Enjoying Jesus class, and I do not thank God enough for it. My view of Bible study has been rightly turned upside down. I had no idea that this class could do so much over so little time.
— Davis

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