Paul is the author and head coach of Enjoying Jesus.


Paul Sewell was a sophomore at Georgia Tech when got his dream job offer. He left college, made money selling software for Manhattan Associates, and traveled the world. This was Paul’s dream job, but it left him wondering, “Is this all there is to life?” Having no answer to this question, Paul’s life became very dark. Very broken.

This brokenness led him on a spiritual journey where he ultimately found deep satisfaction and purpose in following Jesus.

Paul’s purpose is help people in Atlanta enjoy Jesus more so that they will flow that joy to the city and the nations of the world. He does this by welcoming the 140 nations in his Midtown neighborhood, mentoring Georgia Tech students and recent graduates to enjoy Jesus more, and coaching people to find their unique work in this world.

Paul has worked for a variety of global organizations, but in 2016 he launched a new nonprofit organization called Seven Wells.

When Paul is not at work, you might find him in the woods ripping his mountain bike down a trail at high speeds or jumping it for big air. He also enjoys the gentler hobbies of brewing specialty coffee and reading books. 


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