Meeting 6

Pass this on to others


Jesus made disciples

Jesus called 12 men to be his disciples. He chose 3 to be close disciples. He devoted his life to this. Then he commanded us to “Go therefore, and make disciples of all nations.”

In the large group ask and discuss briefly:

Despite the amount of time we spend in church activities, how is Jesus’ command going for Christians at large?

In small group discussion ask:

Most of the people in the course had never been discipled or made disciples before this course. How has that changed through this course? How do you want that to change in the future?

Share a few of the small group answers with the large group.

Unpack how Paul lived it out

Read and unpack 2 Timothy 2:2 

Who is your Paul? Who are your Timothies?

Everyone needs a Paul and everyone needs some Timothies to pass things onto to.


The Final Project

The final project is designed to help you pass things onto others. That is how we make disciples. To pass on the ways of Jesus to others. Let’s demystify it some.

Discipleship at the core is simply being a learner and then passing on to others what you have learned. You have been a great learner for the last 3 weeks. Now let’s talk about how to pass it on to others.

The 2 Timothy 2:2 Project

In groups of 2-4, plan and lead a Enjoying Jesus event where you will pass on to others something (or a few things) from this course. Here are the guidelines:

  • Your Enjoying Jesus event needs to happen in the next month. (Call it whatever you want of course.)

  • Gather 12 people or more to attend the event.

  • Pass on to them something you learned.

  • How you do all that is totally up to you. There is no right answer. This is not homework. This is you helping others enjoy Jesus. Do it your way.

Tell a couple of stories to illustrate how other groups have done it before. Share just enough to inspire the group that they can do it! But try not to share so much that it “anchors” their idea to whatever has happened before.

Ask for questions about the project.

Give some tips from those who have gone before you:

  • Keep it simple.

  • Pay attention to the unique gifts and experiences of the people in your group. The body has different members, utilize this in your project.

  • Think about what was most meaningful to you in the course. You will pass on whatever that is with more power and belief than other areas.

  • Don’t try to pass on too much. You may be excited about lots of the content, but remember you learned this over 6 meetings and 3 projects. Don’t try to cram too much into 1 meeting.

  • Think about how you learned what you want to teach. If you learned it by discovery, how can you teach others by discovery? Often we learn something by discovery, and then teach it to others in lecture. Then we wonder why they aren't as excited or transformed by it.

  • Remember that practice is how people gain confidence and competence. If you teach them something that can be practiced immediately, give them time to practice.

  • Pay attention if there are people at your event that want to learn more. You can take them further than that one event. This is what 2 Timothy 2:2 is all about. Try to do it with others in a small group. One on one is not how Jesus or Timothy did it.


Group work on the project (1 hour)

In small groups, plan your Enjoying Jesus event. Think about:

  • the people you want to invite

  • the content you want to share

  • the logistics of hosting it

Your group can meet on its own to work further, but here is an hour to get as far as you can.  


SHare your plans (15 minutes)

In the group, have each group share their initial plans for the event.


This is our last meeting in this context. But of course this is not the end of Enjoying Jesus. That will never end.

You get to Enjoy Jesus everyday and flow that joy to others. Go make a ruckus.