Meeting 1

Unpacking the "I am" Statements of Jesus 



Introduce yourself with your: 

Name, your context (hometown, student major, area of work, relationship, etc), and your real life super power. Then the next person introduce self and connect it to the previous person.

For example: I am Paul Sewell. I am from Newnan Georgia, and I am married to Elisha and we have two kids. I lead a nonprofit called Seven Wells, and my super-power is Vision-Casting. 

The next person... Hey I am Ian, and I am also from Newnan... 


Unpacking the I Am Statements of Jesus 

Get into groups of 3-4 people. 

Work through Unpacking the "I am" Statements of Jesus

Pause after each number to collect the groups answers on the board. 


Reflection Summary 

In your reflection summary for project 1, write how the gospel you believed before is different than the gospel that Jesus shared in  His I am statements.


Course Logistics

Explain what is next and how to do it.