Giving and Receiving Feedback


Enjoying Jesus is not a solo journey.

When Jesus called his disciples to follow Him, he called them into a group of disciples. There were no solo disciples. Jesus never set up a one-on-one weekly meeting with a individual disciple at the local coffeeshop. Following Him was always done as a group.

The group interaction in Enjoying Jesus is where the magic happens. You will be reading each other’s blog posts and giving feedback to each other. And of course, you will receive feedback on your project. 

This will be a fascinating part of our journey together. The light bulb moment in your journey might happen when you are reading someone else’s post rather than when you are writing your own. Or the light might come on when another group member asks a penetrating question about your post. 

You may learn the most about yourself when you are actually looking at someone else’s work.

So giving and receiving feedback is key to our group being transformed. But here is the catch. We are not very good at giving and receiving feedback. 

We haven’t been taught how. And if we have, we have not practiced it much.

Learning how to give and receive feedback is not just important for this course, but it is a skill that you will use for the rest of your life.  

Imagine leading and developing your team at work. Imagine a friend asking for your advice when faced with a major life decision life marriage or career. Imagine how much will you be giving and receiving feedback in a marriage or when raising kids. And of course, this is a crucial part of following Jesus with others and making disciples. 

So here is a little guidance on how to give and receive feedback. Let’s learn together and then most importantly practice it often as we seek to Enjoy Jesus more together.  

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