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Cast Vision

Jesus made disciples (Matthew 4:10)

Jesus commanded us to make disciples (Matthew 28)

However very few people have been discipled or made disciples.

Paul gives us a simple method in 2 Timothy 2:2. Diagram.

Everybody needs a Paul. Everybody needs a Timothy.

Invite People to Enjoy Jesus More

If they are interested, ask them to fill out the “Getting to know you form” by the end of the day.

Build the Core Group

Follow up with the people that completed the form. Say Thank you. I got it. I read it.

Follow up with any people that marked “interested” rather than “in” on the form. Offer a meeting with you and Paul to discuss.

Find the best time for the core group to meet. Suggest a time and adjust from there.

Fill out the Cohort

Ask the core group people to invite their friends that might want to Enjoy Jesus More. The experience of group interaction is rich when we do it with people we know. We journey and grow together.

Pray and ask God to bring people to mind and across your path that He wants you to invite into the course.

Scroll through the contacts in your phone and see if God highlights anybody.

People respond to limited spaces and registration deadlines. Use these for the glory of God.