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Enjoying Jesus 1


Davis Brown

Davis is a first year mechanical engineering student at Georgia Tech. He realized he wasn't particularly interested in enjoying Jesus more, which made him want to take Enjoying Jesus. He wants to appreciate Jesus more than he does now. He knows Jesus is worth it, and believes this group of people will foster the growth he is looking for. 

Fun Fact: Davis enjoys building with legos or soccer. It’s kind of a dead tie. 

He wants you to read Enders Game and think more about others goals and interests. 

Morgan and Margaret holding baby Prisca. (Not their baby, btw.)  Also notice that ring! Getting married in August! 

Morgan and Margaret holding baby Prisca. (Not their baby, btw.)  Also notice that ring! Getting married in August! 

Margaret Buxton

Margaret is one of the only people living in Atlanta who is actually from Atlanta. 

I am a "home-grown" Atlantan. I have lived I-T-P my entire life and grew up driving to our church downtown every Sunday. My family went to almost every Georgia Tech home game. I am now a Senior at Tech. 

I want to learn how to experience Jesus in every area of my life. I can experience him when I am listening to praise music or alone. How do I enjoy him in public? When I am surrounded by non-believers? I am also hoping this course will help me be more confident in my faith. I am someone who likes to know the "right" answer and is embarrassed to share if I am not sure.

Margaret is newly engaged to Morgan!

Fun fact: Margaret got paid to drive luxury cars. 

Margaret appreciates cute stationary and fancy desserts. So if eat one of her fancy desserts, send her a thank you note on cute stationary. 

Margaret wants you to read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers


Yoonji Choi

Yoonji is a 4th year Business Major, concentrating in Operations and Supply Chain Born and raised from Augusta, Georgia. She enjoys cooking and playing music.  

She wants to to experience the full life of enjoying Jesus in a more personal and meaningful manner.

Fun Fact:  Yoonji's hobby is online shopping. :) 

She wants you to read The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.43.09 AM.png

Matt freemyer

Matt is a student, an intern, a junior, enjoys information security, is dating, and happens to live in Roswell. He is excited about Enjoying Jesus and is ready to learn and grow.

Fun Fact:  Matt has great socks.  

Matt once sold 24 cars in one month. The socks helped. Then the socks got him a great job offer, which he took. He doesn't sell cars anymore, but he can help you buy one. He is pretty much a pro at this. 

Bike check:  GT Sensor Mountain Bike, full suspension

Matt wants you to read From Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship.  

Grace Midtown did a great video telling Matt's Story. He is basically a youtube celebrity.  

Jackson and Paul having some lunch at the shed at Ponce City Market. 

Jackson and Paul having some lunch at the shed at Ponce City Market. 

Jackson hall 

Jackson is a computer science major at Georgia Tech. He lives on West Campus and will be co-oping during the Spring Semester.  

Jackson is so eager to do Enjoying Jesus. He hopes to fix his eyes on the joy of pursuing Christ. Then pour into others and go deeper in Christ as result.   

When not writing immaculate code or getting a sweet job from a Japanese company, he is learning guitar.  

Jackson wants you to read The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer.

Bike check:  DiamondBack hardtail

Fun fact:  Jackson learned to jump his mountain bike on his second time at the trails ever. This takes average humans a year or more. 


Austin hatch

Austin is a 1st year at Tech, aerospace engineering major, single, living on campus. He has a love for Jesus and a love for people. He combination led him to desire training in evangelism, which led him to take Enjoying Jesus. Boom. Connection made. 

Austin's goal is to enjoy Jesus more and he is very excited to take this course. He hopes that it will help him share his joy and hope on Jesus with others.

He loves basketball and he wants you to read Desiring God by John Piper.

Here is why...  Reading the book Desiring God by John Piper changed the way I approached faith. It helped me see that following Jesus was not just doing the right thing, but involved finding the greatest joy in Jesus Christ. Walking with God would result in the most joy I could have.



Morgan Jacobus 

Morgan is a senior at Georgia Tech studying Industrial Engineering and am currently engaged to Margaret Buxton. 

They are getting married in August! Morgan lives in Atlanta and has a passion for the city and public transport.

Morgan is taking Enjoying Jesus because knows that fulfillment can only be found in Him. He has been discipled over the years, but wants to start making disciples this year! 

Fun Fact: Morgan would gladly sell his car to travel by bike and marta only.

Bike check:  Trek gravel bike. It is like a road bike that can handle gravel and trails. 

Morgan wants you to read The Death and Life of American Cities by Jane Jacobs. You will see cities through new eyes after reading this.


Francine Luo

Francine is a second-year undergraduate student at Tech, majoring in Computer Science, but also interested in a minor in Chinese. 

One year ago, Francine noticed herself leaning more and more on God instead of focusing on herself. She became less anxious, less self-deprecating, and more focused on truly knowing and supporting other people. Her faith is growing, as is her desire to let others know about the Gospel.

Fun fact: Francine loves to play piano everyday, but those don't fit in dorm rooms. So she writes piano transcriptions instead.  

Francine wants you to read The Testament by John Grisham.


Jan Moellmann 

Jan is a graduate student in industrial engineering at Georgia Tech. Originally I am from Germany, but I came to Atlanta with my wife this August for school and for her apprenticeship at Grace Midtown. We both came to Christ in 2013 and married in 2014.

The biggest change in my life was when I came to Christ 4 years ago. It really changed my view on the world and people and also changed my own motivation and purpose for my life. I want to continue to grow in making Jesus the one and only centrum and role model of my life and living according to this every day of my life.

I am super eager to enjoy Jesus more!

Fun Fact:  In Germany, Lena and I started the student ministry in our church and led a team of 8-20 people. That felt like discipling, though we never called it like that.

Jan wants you to read The Big 5 for Life.


Lena Moellmann

Lena lives in West Midtown with Jan, her husband. They commute by bicycle. She is doing an apprenticeship with Grace Midtown. Lena loves talking, thinking and praying for healthy relationships. And I loooove people and hanging out with friends.  

I eagerly looking forward to learn much about talking about my faith and enjoying Jesus more in my daily life. I would love to learn some technics or methods to remember. Fun Fact:  She wants you to read In meinem Herzen Feuer. So you should learn German.  

 Oh wait, it is in English too. Fire in the Heart.


Ian Sebastian

Ian is a student at Georgia Tech studying mechanical engineering, single, Theta Xi brother, and Morgan's roommate. Ian enjoys music and guitar.

Fun Fact: Yugioh has taken a large chunk of my time though so I believe its worth mentioning.

I'm looking to make God my priority and to shift my disciplines to make God a major part of my life as he was in the past but not so much now. I'm hoping Enjoying God will give me a greater desire to know God and show me very clearly what a true life with God is like.

Ian wants you to read Theology for Beginners.


Paul Sewell

Paul is the author and coach for Enjoying Jesus. He has a passion to help Georgia Tech students enjoy Jesus more, so he is honored to be coaching this group! 

Fun Fact:  After one year of living in Midtown, Paul gladly sold his Acura and bought another bike. He prefers to use two wheels to get around every day. He loves bikes. That is the current hobby, and would be happy to go on a bike ride with you. Riding bikes helps people enjoy Jesus more. Paul hasn't found that in the Bible yet, but he is still looking. 

Bike check: Giant Trance mountain bike

Here is Paul and the Trance in action... (Fun fact #2: Paul does not know how to make this video or Morgan and Margot's picture smaller.)