About the Coaches



Jackson is a computer science student at Georgia Tech. He is back in Atlanta after a semester in Spain.When not writing immaculate code for a Japanese company (or class), he enjoys learning guitar.

Jackson was eager to take the Enjoying Jesus course because wanted to fix his eyes on the joy of pursuing Christ. Then pour that joy into others and go deeper in Christ himself as result.   

 Jackson wants you to read The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer.

Fun fact:  Jackson learned to jump his mountain bike in one day while it takes average humans many months to get there.



Francine smiles when she connects Kingdom principles from the Bible with Computer Science principles she has learned at Tech.

Francine joined the Enjoying Jesus 1 cohort because she wanted to focus on truly knowing and supporting other people. As her faith was growing, so was her desire to let others know about the Gospel.

Francine wants you to read The Testament by John Grisham.

Fun fact: Francine loves to play piano, but those don't fit in dorm rooms. So she writes piano transcriptions instead.  



Morgan is graduating Georgia Tech with a degree in Industrial Engineering. He and Margaret are newly weds!

Morgan took the Enjoying Jesus course because he knows that fulfillment can only be found in Jesus. He had been discipled over the years, but now he wants to make disciples.

Morgan wants you to read The Death and Life of American Cities by Jane Jacobs. You will see cities through new eyes after reading this.

Fun Fact: Morgan would rather travel by bike or MARTA than by car.


IMG_6582 (1).jpg

Margaret is one of the only people living in Atlanta who is actually from Atlanta. She has lived I-T-P her entire life.

Margaret joined Enjoying Jesus cohort 1 because she wanted to experience Jesus in every area of my life. She wondered, “How do I enjoy him in public? When I am surrounded by non-believers?”

After this course gave her more confidence in her faith, she now wants to share this with others.

Margaret is married to Morgan.

Margaret wants you to read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

Fun fact: Margaret appreciates cute stationary and fancy desserts. So if you eat one of her fancy desserts, send her a thank you note on cute stationary. 


IMG_2893 (1).jpg

Davis is mechanical engineering student at Georgia Tech. He realized he wasn't particularly interested in enjoying Jesus more, which made him want to take Enjoying Jesus. After this participating in cohort 1, he now has a heart to help others in their journey.

He wants you to read Enders Game and think more about other people’s goals and interests. 

Fun Fact: It’s a dead tie whether Davis enjoys soccer or legos more.