Meeting 2

Discovery Bible Study 


introduce Discovery Bible Study

By telling David Watson's story of A Movement among the Bhojpori People 


Discovery Bible Study 

The Sinful Woman Forgiven (Luke 7:36-50) 

Use the Discovery Bible Study Questions


7 Stories of Hope

Explain how you can use this with your people that don't know Jesus. Introduce the 7 Stories of Hope scripture set. 

Tell a Story of How it works

Tell a story about you doing Discovery Bible Study with someone. If possible share how Discovery Bible Study fit into larger context of a person journeying with God.

You can tell George’s story if you don’t have a personal one to share. Here are the basic points in George’s story:

Paul and Jackson shared their transformed life stories with him over lunch in the student center (My Story),

In the next meeting, Paul shared the 3 Circles with him (God’s Story),

Our Enjoying Jesus cohort 1 began praying for him,

We did Discovery Bible Studies (almost weekly) together for one year,

George turned and trusted in Jesus.

What’s next in the course

Leave 15 minutes at the end to tell the group what is coming next and to answer any questions.